MAC Scores A Collaboration Trifecta

By a show of hands—who loves a good, cosmetics collaboration? (We do! We do!) You’re in luck because so does MAC! So much, in fact, that they’ve done it thrice!









On the heels of announcing their plans to launch a Marilyn Monroe limited-edition capsule collection of lipstick, eyeshadow and nail polish, and another collaboration with pop icon and songstress Beth Ditto, comes today’s news of a third capsule collection. This time with editor and all-around-fashion-diva of Parisian Vogue Carine Roitfeld.  The Grande dame of the over-the-sea set is pairing up with the cosmetics giant on a capsule that will most assuredly include lots and lots eye and brow makeup and minimal lipsticks.

According to WWD, there is no in-store date for the Roitfeld collab, but certainly MAC’s June Beth Ditto launch and October’s Marilyn Monroe in-store date will keep you busy until then.

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