MAC’s Hey Sailor Collection Lands Stateside

Hey Sailor!

Hey Sailor Suntints SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm

Come on, admit it. Those pin-up gals adorning airplanes and magazine covers had ‘flirty’ down to a ‘T’. Heck, pay fashion homage to them with vintage-inspired fashions and cosmetics to this day! Enter M.A.C.

Hey Sailor Powerpoint Eye Liners

Hey Sailor Lipsticks

Hey Sailor Eye Shadows

Hey Sailor Gone Sailing Tote

Last week M.A.C. Cosmetics quietly unleashed their latest pin-up girl-inspired collection online, in anticipation of it’s in-store release on May 24th. Why quietly, you may ask? Trust us, this stripey, summery line, aptly called ‘Hey Sailor!‘, will speak just fine for itself. This line of make-up includes eye colors, lip colors, nail polish and bronzing powder and is encased in adorable blue and white striped packaging. We’re super stoked about the Suntints Liquid Lip Balm with SPF20–gotta keep those puckers protected! And the matching, beach worthy summer tote to carry it all in. Think cute, cute, nautical and cute… and you’ll have the right idea!



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