Magnetic Nails Get The Lippman Treatment

By definition, one would think that magnetic nail polish would either be a problem or a superhero fantasy come to life.  It’s neither.

A Magnetic Nail Manicure

Not to burst any bubbles but — in reality — magnetic nail polish is simply the latest in the growing list of nail art trends available to help you achieve that gallery-worthy manicure you’ve been pining for.  This up-and-coming trend offers up a new way to fulfill all the glorious things you imagine when using your nail bed as a canvas with it’s iron powder ingredient that forms dark, wavy shapes when it’s affected by a magnet.

Deborah Lippmann

The latest to join the magnetic nail polish masses is none other than nail guru Deborah Lippmann (now we know it’s a big thing) who has unleashed the brands Deborah Lippmann Magnet Appeal Set.  The set is actually a trio of perfectly fall-worthy magnetic nail lacquer colors like a midnight navy called Magic Man, a gilded raspberry called Punk Princess, and a gunmetal black called Hard Knock Life.  The set will run you a lofty $29, but seeing as it will afford you the finest in magnetic nail art looks it seems worth it no?

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