Make your hair color last through summer

Summer is synonymous with fun, frolicking and being fabulous. Unfortunately, it’s also synonymous with fading — as in your beautiful new hair color. Today’s tips are specifically geared towards keeping your beautiful salon-perfect color intact despite the abuse of summer sun & wind, heat styling and alcohol-based styling products, and chlorine and salt water. Let’s take a look at counteracting some of the season’s top reasons for dry, damaged hair.

PRODUCT DAMAGE: Sweltering days leads to sweaty hair, which leads to a daily shampoo — and it’s not doing your hair color any favors. Try cutting down on the cleansing time and combatting greasy roots with a dry shampoo instead. And while we’re on the topic of shampoos, make sure yours is one specifically geared towards colored hair. A good shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair will contain peptides to help lock in color and additional nourishing oils to counteract the damage caused by the coloring process.

WATER DAMAGE: The pool isn’t the only place chlorine is wrecking havoc on your hair. The water in the shower contains as much as half the chlorine found in a swimming pool. A good shower head filter can filter out around 95% of the chlorine in our water, which will restore the water’s pH balance and leave your locks soft and shiny.

HEAT & STYLING DAMAGE: It’s unlikely that you’ll spend the summer months avoiding a heat-styling and/or your favorite hair-taming products, so consider a hair primer your new best friend. A good hair primer protects your hair by evening out each strands porosity while protecting it from summer heat, chlorine and dryness. Simply smooth the primer through your hair before you fire up your blowdryer or reach for your styling products and voila!

SUN DAMAGE: A largely overlooked, and  to combat the sun’s punishing rays is SPF — yes, for your hair. A wide brimmed hat or chic summer scarf can do wonders against summer fade, and so can spraying on a UV-protectant. Sun-protective hair sprays contain UVB filters to keep your color as beautiful as the day you got it, and also typically contain extra conditioning agents. Win-win.


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