Marc By Marc Jacobs Summer Bags

As summer quickly approaches, we are all in need of a Summer bag. In my case I like options, so I buy a few!  A nice Summer bag should always be lighter than your winter bags, and I try to stay away from leather, as it gets too hot and heavy to carry when the weather is warmer. My Favorite type of Summer bag would be canvas ideally, as I just love the breezy nature canvas brings to anything. Below are a selection of Marc by Marc Jacobs bags (one of my favorite places to shop for accessories, that gives you designer quality and name for a lot less than the higher end lines- I think every major line should have a line similar to this). These bags are fun, simple, stylish and youthful which is perfect for your Summer days, weekend getaways, and trips to the gym. Each color/pattern below is available in each of these different bags, and the price range is between $58- $88. Check out the Marc By Marc Jacobs site to treat yourself to one of these perfect Summer bags or to see their other offerings, which cover a full head to toe outfit. Enjoy!

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