Marc Jacobs “Cheeky” Fall Ad Campaign

Marc Jacobs’ ads are usually pretty distinct and eye catching whether he is posing naked himself in a very homoerotic way to get attention for his cologne, or using the youngest Fanning sister to help sell his clothes, they are usually stand out ads. He recently has decided to go with something a little more risque for his Fall 2011 ad campaign. He decided to use the Wales born conceptual artist Cerith Wyn Evans as his latest muse. He is not your typical model for an ad campaign, actually he is quite the contrary as you can see from above. He has an array of different pictures of the middle aged man nearly or fully naked, posing with anything from balloons to just boots and a suit jacket. I can’t say this comes as a surprise with his past ads that included Victoria Beckham coming out of a Marc bag or Helena Bonham Carter’s cooky ads. Either way I suppose they are eye catching, and attention grabbing, so the tactic is working- we are talking about them!

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