Marc Jacobs Mink-Hued Wigs

It looks like Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2014 runway launched more than the embrace of Kendall Jenner as a high fashion model — it also spawned a fashion-world adoration of the model’s wigs dyed in pinks, creams, beiges, and brown. The wig hues were coordinated to match the clothes, and were so widely admired that fashion folks are already demanding the dusty and iridescent hues from their stylists.

Colorist, Victoria Hunter, shared news of the hubbub, saying “It’s kind of a little nutty how this show has inspired people. I have clients calling from Paris, Japan—and they’re already trying to do it at home! I think they should just get me a dedicated store, because so many people are requesting this. The shades are very chic and tasteful and powerful—and with everything that’s been out there with color being so literal, this is a cleverer alternative. It’s something unique, and we haven’t really seen it before, which is why I think it’s caused a bit of a craze.”

“Marc asked me if I could come up with something kind of mink-y, old-lady, that had that kind of antique-y look about it.” Hunter continued, “We came up with five different shades: a mauve, a brown—which we were calling ‘mink,’ a beige—a very grey-ash color—and a flesh color, and a Nordic blond. But there were no real shade names; we just ended up calling them one, two, three, four, and five. As you can imagine, with 70 wigs and two days to dye them, things can get quite crazy. And then the models’ brows were bleached, and we dyed all of them the beige color regardless of wig shade.”


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