Marvin Gaye: Style Icon

Music legend Marvin Gaye is known by all as being that sensual voice that reaches through all generations and sets the mood for any intimate occasion. He also was known to use his influence to speak out against bigotry with hit songs like “What’s Going on?”.  Not only was he immensely successful in music, but any celebrity that attains the status of career that he did is bound to influence fashion. Luckily Marvin Gaye had a keen sense of fashion, and his background of growing up in church in Washington D.C. around the civil rights movement was shown in his fashion. He could wear anything from a well constructed 3 piece suit, to a casual open shirt, as was popular in the 70′s. In all the pictures I found of Gaye, he never seemed stuffy or uncomfortable. There was a cool sense of stylish ease that he portrayed. Whenever one remembers the great Marvin Gaye, the image in their head is always of a hip 70′s crooner that could charm the socks off of anyone that he came across, and his fashion sense displayed just that.

Take a look at what GQ had to say about this picture below that could just as easily be worn today as he wore it then:

“Everyone’s wearing denim shirts these days, and I like to think Marvin has something to do with that. This is a true workwear look he’s pulling off here—vintage Americana, the stuff everyone’s wild for now. He made denim-on-denim cool for us… and I love the way he contrasts it with the red knit hat.”

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