Mary Kate and Ashley Team with Toms in Honduras

Child stars turned fashion moguls Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen recently decided to give some of their time for a good cause. The duo teamed up with well the well known philanthropic shoe brand Tom’s shoes, and headed with the creator Blake Mycoskie¬†and his team down to Honduras to personally spend time distributing shoes to children at local schools. The usually fairly silent moving Olsen Twins must have been really moved by the work of Tom’s shoes. Tom’s has released a pretty intimate video of the founder Blake, the twins, and their friends, visiting underpriveleged schools, entering the classrooms, as well as playing soccer and passing out the shoes to the children. Check out the video here.

Tom’s is not only one of my favorite shoes brands that offers comfortable, high quality, unisex shoes all while being able to support a good cause, for every pair of shoes that are bought the company donates a pair of shoes to a child in a disadvantaged area of the world. The Olsen twins chose a great company to support.

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