Meg Company Woven Dress Shoes

Mens fashion can sometimes be a bit mundane and many companies play it safe for sales purposes of course, but mens fashion has been perpetually evolving luckily. Men are much more able to take bigger risks now! Thank goodness! I digress and move on to the point- I love these shoes! They are perfect for Spring and Summer! They kind of remind me of wicker, and while woven shoes can be a big miss, Meg Company has a hit with these! The novelty alone of this wooden shoe would make me happy, as i could probably just hang them in my room as a conversation piece. Instead, I think I am going to purchase them and wear them with some sort of sailor inspired outfit. White shorts and a cardigan, and a fun hat would be ideal, topped off with a fun colorful scarf or ascot of sorts! Now, I wonder if they come in sizes big enough for men?

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