Men’s Beach Essentials 2011

With beach days back in full effect I decided I would put together a few of my favorite things for the perfect stylish beach day.

Bird in Zebrawood ($120) by Proof, iwantproof.com

Here are a pair of hand made wooden sunglasses that I found that I think are absolutely worth the $120, and I never really think it’s okay to spend that much on a pair of shades that I lose so easily. I promise that not only will you look awesome, but no one else will have them on! I think they are genius!

Polyester board shorts ($65) by Bonobos; bonobos.com

Here are a pair of my favorite swim trunks. They are a throwback to the 60′s, giving a classic look which means you can never go wrong with them. Swim trunks this year should be about this length (they sould reach mid thigh or just a little shorter), giant board shorts and teenie-tiny shorts have had their season. It’s now reverting back to a classic length.

Various Urban Outfitter's Tanks ($28)

Urban Outfitters or American Apparel will provide you with the perfect tank usually for under $40. I prefer the ones without a print which American Apparel is good for, but if you like a print like the one above Urban Outfitters will be a better option.

Urban Outfitters Toddland Wood Plank Flip Flop ($18)

And finally here are a pair of flip flops that will go with the theme. Remember this is one of the only times wearing flip flops in public is appropriate so go all out!

This should cover the essentials, all you need to do now is just grab your sunblock and enjoy!

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