Michelle Williams Vintage Red Carpet Appeal

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 4:19 pm
  • February 28, 2012

As always, the critics are cooing over Michelle Williams impeccably lovely appearance at this year’s Academy Awards show and it isn’t entirely due to her tiered tomato-red Louis Vuitton gown.

Michelle Williams @ 2012's Acadamy Awards

The stunning starlet’s makeup was a perfectly pretty homage to vintage made entirely modern with the help of her stylist Kate Young. Young recently told beauty blog Into the Gloss that she took some last-minute inspiration from Raf Simon‘s last Jil Sander show a day prior to the ceremony.

“For Michelle, the inspiration was always that we’d do a contrast color lip — we were always saying red, red, red, red,” she says. “And then I saw the Jil Sander show … and it was that completely clean face that had this golden matte look to it, with a vibrant lip, and I sent it to Michelle at like six in the morning Sunday and said, ‘Makeup inspiration?’ and she said yes.” Young detailed the last minute cosmetics change for the blog. “A red lip would have been boring actually; I’m glad we didn’t do a red lip.”

We take this as just another sign that bright, bold hues are here to stay (for awhile), as is the vintage look inspired by the likes of Downton Abbey, Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. They say “what’s old is new again”… looks like that’s true!

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