Minnie Mouse Gets A Mini Mani-Pedi Collection Courtesy of OPI

Minnie finally gets her mani-pedi, mini-collection!

Vintage Minnie Mouse Nail Colors by OPI

We wonder if Minnie Mouse looked around at all of the other fictional characters that beat her to the beauty punch and had a sudden fit of “what about me?!” With Spider-Man, Miss Piggy and the Disney Villains all claiming their stake in the cosmetics line world, it seems only fitting that Miss Mouse would feel a tinge of jealousy, right? No more.

Beloved nail brand, OPI has revealed it’s latest collaboration of four new colors inspired and named after Mickey‘s gal pal… all in shades of pink. Aptly titled, If You Moust You Moust (a creamy shade of pink), I’m All Ears (hot pink), The Color of Minnie (just this side of red), and Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It, (chock-full of chunky pink heart-shaped glitter), this collection screams girlish glamour–which seems appropo for the polka-dot frocked and bow-dazzled beauty. Look for this collection on store shelves next month… a perfect pairing for all of springs neon hues.

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