Moscot Aviator Glasses by Terry Richardson

Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson's Diary

Famed celebrity and fashion photographer Terry Richardson has been doing more than just photography lately. Well known eyewear brand Moscot, struck a deal with the highly regarded photog who has shot for every well known magazine from Vogue, to Elle, to Vanity Fair, to launch a limited edition pair of aviator glasses. The glasses will be appropriately titled “The Terry” and seem to be on par with other higher end brands of glasses when talking price point. The glasses seem to me like a pair of vintage styled glasses an older family member would wear that never made it out of the 70′s, but that look can be kind of fun and quirky if you pull it off right.

The frames alone will cost about $290 (which from my experience is about what I have paid for a pair of Dolce & Gabbana frames), and if you just want the glasses for show and don’t actually need the prescription, Moscot will put clear lenses in for you for an extra $75 more. For those that do actually need prescription lenses you can expect to pay an extra $540. Who knew prescription lenses costed so much!?

One last thing- there are only 350 pairs that were made, so if you really want this look you should definitely head on over to Moscot soon!

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