Mother of Beauty: Elizabeth Taylor

She was a great beauty that dazzled audiences for decades across the silver screen. She bottled her glitz and glamor into scents and fragrances that impacted the beauty industry. In addition to Passion and White Diamonds, Taylor produced 10 other scents. Passion for Men was launched in 1988; the Fragrant Jewels trio of scents — Diamonds and Emeralds; Diamonds and Rubies, and Diamonds and Sapphires — was introduced in 1993; Black Pearls hit counters in 1996; Sparkling White Diamonds was introduced in 1999; Brilliant White Diamonds launched in 2001; Forever Elizabeth was launched in 2002; Gardenia was introduced in 2003, and Violet Eyes hit counters in 2010. All 12 are still sold by Arden, primarily in North America.

Though Taylor battled personal issues and challenges professionally, she never stopped inspiring the world to live beautiful.

Ms. Taylor passed away at the age of 79 due to heart failure this week. Her memory, her beauty and her inspiration will continue to live one.

Love and Beauty,


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