• by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 6:29 pm
  • December 29, 2010

Dita Von Teese

I’ve always been a sucker for old-school Hollywood glamour, so it’s really no surprise that my news tid-bit of choice for today is the eminent arrival of burlesque Queen, Dita Von Teese’s up-and-coming beauty book.

Ms. Von Teese tweeted (that girl loves to tweet!) a few sneak-peak pix yesterday in preparation for the unveiling, featuring her in all her glory with a red mani, bold lips and blinged-out sunglasses by Michael Schmidt.  The book is said to reveal all of Dita’s well-kept secrets to a glamorous transformation.

“When I go to events and when I do my shows, and in day to day life of course, I don’t work with a team of stylists. I enjoy doing it myself,” reveals the 38-year-old Michigan native.

“The message I wanted to get out to young women is – what you see on the red carpet – maybe they have a team of people putting them together, but it’s something you can learn to do yourself if you set your mind to it,” says Von Teese.  “I always felt very ordinary and very boring. I never felt like a beauty, but I understood that beauty and glamour were two different things — and that glamour is something any woman can achieve.”

And set her mind to it she did.  A staunch advocate of self-done beauty, Ms. Von Teese is well-known for doing her own hair and make-up for events and for her shows, so expect the book to cover all sorts of DIY secrets.   Viva Von Teese!

Ms. Von Teese

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