Mugler Spring 2012 Men’s Collection

The Mugler show took place yesterday in Paris, and a show it was, according to spectators! The show had quite a bit of theatrics including nearly naked (and apparently sometimes fully naked) men staged around the runway, dressed as greek gods flexing and posing entwined in rope and setting the scene for the actual show. This was a sight to be seen!

The actual clothing from the show was an outlandish and eye catching hybrid of something Greek Gods would wear injected into the future, almost “Tron-like”. The commn themes were armor and neon green,which according to the creative director Formichetti- “That green represented the blood of the digital era, If this technology has a kind of color, for me it was a neon green.”

Surprisingly enough, the collection mixed all of the drama with some really decent and almost simple, ready to wear pieces. It focused on acid wash denim jeans and jackets, pleated shorts, and fairly normal swimwear.

The collection also had the trending pieces like the transparent jackets, and the jackets that begin at the top with one material, cinch at the waist with a drawstring, and then finish at the bottom with a different type of material, that have been spotted on the runway recently. One last thing- apparently there is an uncensored short film from a photoshoot of the collection that will premiere today on XTube (the YouTube of porn). Formichetti called it a “moving mood board.” I won’t be posting that link for obvious reasons, but I am intrigued to see what it will entail.

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