Must-Do: Clean-Up That Cosmetics Collection

Seeing as I’m in bi-annual organization mode, today’s must-have is less “have” and more “do.”

If you, like myself, have found yourself rummaging through that jumble of makeup stashed in a top drawer then you’re going to want to read on.  Keeping your cosmetics neat and tidy is a great way to keep track of your must-have’s and also creates a nice display of all the pretty packaging that prompted you to purchase in the first place.

So here’s today’s to-do: declutter your vanity and wrangle all of those makeup brushes, polished and lipsticks into a nice orderly flow.  Here’s how!

1.  Keep your brushes stored vertically in a stand-up container.  Separate the tops by lining the bottom of the container with dry rice, to help the brushes stand-up in their own space — or, if you have the space, keep them stored in different containers based on their purposes (lips, cheeks, eyes.)

2.  Coordinating a vanity tray with matching makeup containers is a great way to keep your vanity elegant and organized, while still maintaining the accessibility of everyday items.

3.  Using an acrylic makeup organizer is a great way to save space by ensuring that every eyeliner, palette, and gloss has it’s own space.  It’s also a surefire way to never lose your fave lipstick to the recesses of your bathroom drawer.

4.  And finally: lose the cosmetics you don’t use.  All make-up has an expiration date so check to make sure that your products aren’t expired and ditch those colors you just don’t use.


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