Must Have Monday: Soludos “Sand Shoe”

Soludos is taking on the task of creating the perfect footwear for that awkward phase when summer’s casual kicks are rushing to meet their seasonal expiration dates, and it’s still too warm to lace up those winter boots.  The solution comes in the guise of the easy-breezy brand’s new “Sand Shoe.

This lace-up wonder is today’s must-have, as it meets all the requirements necessitated by a Monday — comfy, cozy, and cute.  The “Sand Shoe” is available in ankle-boot high-top Derby style or in a sneaker-looking low top, and comes in a flurry of textures like suede, woven fabric, and canvas, and prints, including one particularly dazzling example of fall’s trendy dark floral.  Your feet deserve a break from the weekends sexy stilettos, and $45 (low-top) or $55 (Derby-style) seems a small price to pay for a reprieve from aching arches.  Soludos’s “Sand Shoe” is available at select retailers like Nordstrom and Anthropologie, and online at Soludos.com.




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