Must Have: Monday’s Magic Top Coat

There are certain Monday’s when it’s just harder to sit down at a keyboard — am I right?  And today’s Must-have just might be the magical cure.

L’Oreal has released a new The Magic Top Coat collection guaranteed to keep your fingers clicking over the keys if simply to admire your quick-change manicure’s new look.  The collection includes five shades that act as a special effect over whatever lacquer color you already have on, including a chic Matte Velvet, The True Gold that adds a layer of gold dust, The True Diamond that adds a layer of silver, a little confetti-like black glitter called The Spaklicious, and a pinky clear called The Shift Me that adds a pretty pearlescent hue.

There’s no need to bother with a start-from-scratch manicure to switch up your fingertips for Monday’s slog when a simple top-coat will do! L’Oreal’s The Magic Top Coat Collection ($6, each) is available now.

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