Natalie “Maluca” Yepez, Musician, Featured in W Magazine

If you read Yepez’s interview in this month’s issue of W Magazine, you’re probably inspired by not only her eclectic music, but her style that she self-describes as “half hoodrat, half hipster.”

This Bronx-born bartender turned artist is profiled with blue-green eyebrows and lots of blush for a fun, sassy, and in your face attitude. You can’t help but pay attention to her. Her mission: to make Latin music more progressive. Her recent popular video, Tigeraso, profiles her wearing gold colored cans in her hair as curlers at the club. She doesn’t apologize for walking out of the salon to run errands. Maluca gives us a glimpse into Latin life in New York turning what may be looked at as poverty into a staple for inspiration.

Maluca photo shot from interview in V Magazine

She’s gorgeous, talented and simply doesn’t care about being anything but herself. Is she a trend-setter? We think so. We can’t wait to see more style and music from this artist. She simply wants to inspire people to have a good life and have fun. We’re with you Maluca!

What do you think of Maluca’s style? Love it or hate it?

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