New Service Takes the Work out of Buying Tampons Every Month

sent her way

There’s a new monthly product box making its way into homes and it’s not another me-too beauty sample service. This time it’s personal. SentHerWay.com takes the worry, anxiety and slight embarrasment of navigating the feminine hygeine aisle for your most beloved products for your lady box during that time of the month. The service allows busy women to customize their personal box and eliminate trips to the grocery store.

According to a press release, the company model was innovated by Founder and President of Sent Her Way, Bryn Jurkens while she lived in New York City and delt with convenient stores minimal brand options and high prices “I would bring an extra suitcase home to New Mexico for the holidays and stock up on all kinds of hygiene products at much cheaper prices and than store them under my bed and in storage bens on the roof top of my building”. Jurkens says “If I can have my dinner, dry-cleaning, groceries and dog food delivered, why can’t I have the one thing I must have every month delivered, tampons?” “Most women can empathize with not having the supplies when you need them, being embarrassed to buy or having those late night, last minute trips to the store.”

There’s not much difference in the price tag, so expect to pay next to or near the same price for tampons or pads you might find in your traditional store. Currently, women can choose to customize their boxes with brand names like Playtex, Tampax, Kotex, O.B and Carefree.

Subscription services start anywhere between $5 and $50 depending on how often and how much of the products needed and can be delivered in a 30, 60 or 90 day cycle.

What say you Posh Beauties? Would you be willing to TRY or  say BYE to this service?


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