New Site Sprightly is the Reddit For Women

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Labeled the Reddit for women, Sprightly is the new destination content aggregation platform that is launched today with a focus on verticals like fashion, beauty, design, decor, and more. From the brilliant folks that brought us Refinery29, Etsy, Chloe+Isabel, and others, the new site will be ranked in order to give users a real-time view into what’s currently popular.

“I love Reddit. It’s my favorite thing in the entire world,” Lopez explained to Tech Crunch. “You land on Reddit and you get the front page of the Internet. You get everything that’s important to you right then. It’s a snapshot of the world, and it’s very focused on recency.”

Simply put, you’ll be in the know of what’s trending for the day based on signals from social media engagement pulled from Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Get your feel and test out the new platform here.

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