No More Faded Clothes?

Photo: United Colors Bennetton

It looks like scientists may have found a whole new way to save us all from fading clothes, and dingy whites from your bleeding jeans.  British scientists have created a revolutionary technology that bonds the dye in order to textile fibers-particularly synthetic ones-on a molecular level, which results in coloring which won’t go, leach, or even fade. They call it DyeCat, that provides an eco friendlier substitute for traditional dyeing techniques by mitigating waste, pollution, and energy use.

In usual dyeing processes, that account for seventeen to twenty percent of global industrial water pollution, swathes of material are colored utilizing chemicals in water baths. Despite the fact that molecules of dye soak into the fibers and settle in between, they’re not completely attached, because of this the sunlight, laundering, temperature, as well as other environmental variables can easily dislodge them from the surface.

The technology pioneered by DyeCat, alternatively, doesn’t make use of water at all. It chemically bonds the dye to the filaments as they’re twisted and spun into fiber, permanently locking in the color so it never washes out. The color, in essence, becomes part of the material, and no dyes contaminate the water. What more could one ask for? Clothes that are kind to the environment, and they never fade… Sounds like a win-win situation! Check out the illustration below to see the breakdown if you are a bit of a science geek like myself!

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