Not Your Ordinary Hair Vitamins

After years spent studying marine proteins with doctors and nutritionists from Finland and five years developing a project that would not only work, but transform the black hair industry, in 2004 celebrity dermatologist Melanye Maclin unveiled BellaNutri®-a proprietary blend of refined marine proteins, patented collagens, biotin, extracts and vitamins.

Because of her work, various high-powered people and businesses have tapped Maclin as a consultant. Sister-to-Sister magazine, Hype Hair magazine, and the staff of the Steve Harvey Morning Show are among the many clients she has worked with. Most recently, actor/producer Chris Rock featured her in his hit movie “Good Hair.

Dr. Melanye Maclin Creator of BellaNutri

After years in the field, Maclin considers herself an advocate for helping African Americans obtain and maintain healthy tresses and believes that with the right information anyone can achieve their hair goals.

The all-natural, nontoxic products do not contain any hormones or chemicals, she says. People who have received optimal results from using the product do so as part of a daily health and beauty regime for hair and skin.

Hair vitamins are only part of the solution. The other half is eating right, drinking plenty of water and maintaining an exercise regimen. Maclin says that when she works with her clients, she likes to take inventory of their lifestyle to see if it’s conducive for optimal hair health.

“I like to work with my clients one on one whether it is in-person, on the phone or through e-mail,” Maclin says. “I have to know that they are practicing healthy habits at home. Otherwise they are wasting their time by buying the product and still dying and frying their hair causing further damage to the hair follicle.”

To find out more about Dr. Maclin and BellaNutri visit www.bellanutri.com

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