OpenSky Adds Beauty to Online Shopping Experience

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When OpenSky first launched last year, they were set on the mission of creating a unique online shopping experience that merged the musings of consumers, expert product picks and a deal-based shopping experience unlike any other. With over 1.5 million users, we concede that the mission has been accomplished.

As if the trending style stories by Veronica Webb, specialty shops by La La Vasquez Anthony and recommendations from Bobby Flay weren’t already icing on this retailer’s cake, they recently announced that they will be adding beauty to their offerings.

With a hand-picked selection of beauty experts, users will be guided on the proper ways of primping courtesy of the video tutorials by celebrity makeup artists, top dermatologists and other critics and enthusiasts giving their tips straight to us. Try not to lose your hat! They’ll be plenty to go around for all of us beauty lovers.

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