Orla Keily Pairs With Uniqlo: Part Deux

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 4:21 pm
  • April 11, 2012

Orla Keily x Uniqlo

It seems twice is just as nice! The fave first collaboration by Orla Keily and Uniqlo was so wildly successful that they’re doing it again, at the same affordable prices (A scarf for $12.90, t-shirt for $19.90… even a tunic dress for $39.90). Think super cute basics all dressed up in the UK-based Keily‘s geometric and colorfully vivid prints.

Keily recently spoke about the collaboration with the press, “”I was excited when [Uniqlo] came to us to suggest a collaboration. I really admire their philosophy and classic style but also their attention to good quality materials. The price is great and it definitely feels like the ‘less is more’ approach to styling which is very modern. I love the Japanese aesthetic and so it has been great collaborating with such a popular and cool brand.”

Keily‘s gorgeous prints have long been a fave of the UK celeb set–including the illustrious Kate Middleton, so you can imagine the goods will sell out quickly. Lucky magazine brings us the good news sans the launch date, which is still being kept under wraps… but what we do know is that the launch will be included in the Japanese brands new “go west” expansion with stores in San Francisco (and tenatively Los Angeles.)

Kate Middleton in Orla Keily Coat

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