Painting the Town Red: Red Lipstick is Back

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:19 pm
  • October 8, 2010

Red is all the rage.  Lipstick that is.  And stylists and makeup artists are using the hottest celeb pouts as canvases to highlight the resurgence of this timeless trend.

Sienna Miller sports vintage-red lips at the opening ceremony of the 21st British Film Festival.

This lip color has been a recent favorite of one Ms. Sienna Miller, who has rocked this look at countless London fashion week events, and on the flawlessly painted pout of Glee’s Diana Agron for Vanity Fair’s October 2010 issue – and while it’s definitely a statement (READ: Not for the faint of the fashion hearted.) you want to make sure you choose the right shade of red for your skin.  It’s too easy, with this bold lip color, to veer into the world of looking clownish or costumishly pin-up, so here are some pointers in choosing the perfect shade.

Choose the right red for your skin tone.

Those of you with a pale complexion should stick with brighter reds – either a pinkish or coral tone.  You don’t want to choose anything that will overpower your porcelain skin, so stay away from darker, deeper reds.

If you have a medium complexion – your carmine options are a bit more vast.  Choosing anything from pinky-cranberry reds to a true red, anything with deeper tones is perfect.  You probably want to avoid brighter reds, as they could quickly send your look into clownish territory.

For medium-darker complexions – think drama.  Deep burgundy or a chic rich brick tone will beautifully complement your skin tone.  Anything in the brown-red catagory, really.

Of course, as skin tones are immensely vast, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Playing with the red lip craze is not a one-size-fits-all venture.

Make sure your lips are moisturized (sometimes a nice slick of lip balm helps) and, if necessary, exfoliate your lips before applying your favorite red.  This trend is not for hiding – so if your lips are cracked and dry – everyone will know… in spades.

Another strategic move is keeping your red from straying outside of your lips – which means lip liner.  Make sure the shade is an exact match to your lipstick or just try lining your lips super gently with clear powder and a Q-tip (this works like a charm).

And finally?  Be bold.  Paint your pout and don’t look back – this look is a perfect accessory for painting the town red.

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