Pantone Announces Its Top 10 Colors For Fall 2013

It seems like we just settled into embracing Emerald Green as Pantone’s Official Color Of The Year and a big seller for spring — but like all trends, that time is already fleeting. Pantone has gone and officially welcomed in a whole new slew of colors — this time for Fall 2013 — and while there are certainly other shades of green (including Spring’s emerald and two other hues) you’ll have to make room for 7 new shades that’ll need space in your closet.

Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman told WWD of the range, “If you ever walked in the forest or the woods in the fall when the leaves have fallen, there is such a gorgeous mélange of color. This palette reflects those wonderful fall colors but at the same time there are colors that bring a certain sturdiness and structure.”

And that “sturdiness and structure” can already be seen in the Fall collections of Tommy HilfigerNicole Miller, and Rachel Roy. So here they are, the top 10 from top to bottom. Love ‘em, live ‘em, learn ‘em:

1. Deep Lichen Green – A muted moss-meets-army-ish green that’s already getting some heat for not being nearly as appealing as emerald.

2. Acai – the berry hue that those fashion types have been devouring in order to stay slim and trim.

3. Emerald – you know… this.

4. Myconos Blue – A nice, clean Mediterranean blue hue.

5. Turbulence – A rather slate-hued, city-chic gray.

6. Samba – A spicy, dynamic red.

7. Linden Green – Not as all-around wearable as the others, this hue sits at the middle point between yellow and green on the color spectrum.

8. Carafe – Think you’re local coffee joint and you’ll get the idea.

9. Koi – A gorgeous orange-salmon.

10. Vivacious – Possibly the most vibrant hue on the list, this rich pink is a big seller with cosmetics companies.



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