Payless Shoe Source Stomps Out Beauty, Fragrance, and More!

Shopping at your neighborhood Payless Shoe Source has gotten a little more swanky. Remember when it was joke to rock Payless kickers on the playgrounds for fear of being rejected by all of the cool kids? I’m sure they aren’t laughing any more. The major retail chain has spent the past few years giving its stores a face-lift, partnering with notable and innovative fashion designers, and ultimately bringing a boutique feel to budget fashion.

To add to their list of fashion-forward retailing, Payless has introduced a beauty line as well as natural bath and body products to the mix. Already adorned with fabulous hand bags and accessories, you can now drop by for lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow and scents to help you complete your personal style.

“Payless is really all about inspiring possibilities in fashion in footwear and accessories,” said Via toldĀ WWD. “We’ve had a lot of progress expanding our accessories line with handbags, sunglasses and hats [in 2009]. We feel that this is a product that our customers would appreciate as well.”

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