Phillip Lim Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Phillip Lim is one of the more interesting designers on the runway in my opinion, with clever shows that always keep spectators wondering where he got his inspiration from. This most recent Fall/Winter 2011 collection stays true to form and manages to impress as always. At first glance the collection seemed very out of the box with odd shapes and concepts like a turtle neck worn over a suit, and sweat pants as formal wear, which made it difficult for to pin point where his inspiration was from. Some looks played with a silhouette that was smaller in the shoulders and more bulbous in the mid section, and another look was a of a striking green and black striped suit. After further investigation, it seemed he was inspired by industrial forms like parking lots, and cars. The sleeveless turtle neck pulled over the suit was supposd to mock a car cover. There is a beautifully shot video of the collection being shown in empty parking lots and various other industrial spaces, that you can watch to see his vision in much more detail. I feel he has a really interesting and unique way of looking at fashion and his vision should be shared with more people. Enjoy!

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