Polish Police: Is The Neon Nail Trend Illegal?

When it comes to following the latest and greatest fashion-forward beauty trend, we’re willing to go pretty far to give it a try. But would we doing something illegal?

Okay. Not exactly illegal. Just not… um… legal. Confused? We were too, when, last week it was revealed that neon nail polish—one of the season’s biggest trends—was actually illegal in the U.S. But before you go hiding your stash… let’s get to the bottom of this one.

According to co-founder and creative director of CND ColoursJan Arnold, “Neon polish is actually illegal to produce in the US, so if you see a neon shade in the store, it’s imported.” Okay, so they just can’t make it here in the states. Britain’s Daily Mail sussed out why. “CND‘s chief scientific advisor, Doug Schoon, explained that neon colourants are not illegal to wear, they have simply never been officially registered with the FDA.”

Schoon went on to say that any polish company that wanted to could go through the costly registration process, but no one seemed to want to go first.

So it seems your electric blue, hot pink, neon yellow and bright orange mani-pedi’s won’t get you thrown into the pokey. Glad that’s settled!

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