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camara aunique
When she’s not transforming models backstage at New York Fashion Week, she’s making every day women glamorous for their special day. And she’s having a blast every step of the way. Camara Aunique takes her craft seriously and has developed a career that keeps her on her toes and her makeup brushes at work. Learn Camara’s story from her interview below:


What has been your most memorable moment working in the beauty industry?
My most memorable moment working in the beauty industry has to be when I volunteered my time to work at a Domestic Violence Safe House. I had to give the survivors beauty tips for job interviews and taught them how to cover scars…. That was a very humbling moment.


What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me is unique, genuine, confident, humble, loving, and strong.
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One makeup sin I see a bit too often unnatural brows. I ask the ladies to try a lighter tone brow pencil and maybe a brow gel to soften the color too. I use MAC Boy Girl brow gel on top of spiked pencil even though its blonde. It blends with my brow hair really nicely. Also comb your brow to soften them. And don’t bring them too close together. Natural is key!


The hottest trends in makeup right now are bold lips in shades of reds to purples and the boldest grey! My go to bold lip is MAC Nightmoth lipliner with Rebel lipstick.
camara aunique


What are your plans for fashion week? Which brands will you be working with?
My plans for fashion week is to be booked solid for as many shows as possible! The adrenaline rush you get backstage is incredible! I haven’t booked the shows yet but I’m sure they will be just a fabulous as the ones I participated in Spring 2013′s fashion week.
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Where do you get your beauty inspiration?
I get my beauty inspiration from my fellow coworkers. I’m constantly watching them apply makeup and asking questions on their tips and tricks.


What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about your job as a makeup artist?
My family and friends excite me the most and push me to keep going. Also my clients, they are fabulous women I meet on a daily basis and all of them are naturally beautiful inside and out and love to treat themselves once in a blue.


Who was your favorite client?
My favorite client?! All of them touch me in a special way…. Latisha Daring of Ashtyn LLC and Pieces of Brooklyn has opened many doors for me and has always supported me. Tani Chambers is my mentor and is always pushing me to the next level. Sharifa Murdock is like my number one cheerleader. Karen Dennis, celebrity trainer, sends me powerful inspirational messages weekly to let me know I’m on her mind. Emily Lloyd, the President of Prospect Park, has followed me since I started. There are so many beautiful supporters I can’t just choose one.


Finish this sentence: A woman is most beautiful when ___________.
….when she is Confident and humble.


What is your advice for anyone looking to break into this industry?
My advice to anyone breaking into the beauty industry is to be confident in your work, know your history, take pictures of everything you do; especially the fun before and afters. Promote and market yourself. You are your biggest cheerleader and if you don’t believe in yourself first no one will! Practice, practice, practice. Practice on your friends, collaborate with photographers and build a portfolio and ask LOTS of questions.
Discover Camara’s work and passion for painting faces on her website www.CamaraAunique.com and by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

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