Posh Beauty Expert of the Week: Jolene Hart – Beauty Wellness Coach

Jolene Hart isn’t your average beauty professional and because of her unique offering in the industry clients look to her for relief of their beauty blunders that can’t be covered up with makeup or trendy hairstyle. The wellness coach has built a career working with clients struggling with acne, wrinkles, weak hair, nails, and more from the inside out.
Her coaching programs include personalized beauty food recipes and food and beauty samples- all aimed at fostering your most radiant self. We sat down with the beauty wellness expert to get the dish on how she’s crafted a career as a beauty wellness expert.
What has been your most memorable moment working in the beauty industry?
I love the energy around Fashion Week in NYC, and I vividly remember the thrill of reporting backstage at my first show. It’s an experience that cemented my path into the beauty industry! I still get excited every time I’m backstage or in the audience at a runway show. Many of my favorite beauty moments have been sightings or conversations backstage with some of the greats of the industry. There are too many
moments to name!

What does beauty mean to you?
To quote the name of my beauty and health coaching practice, beauty is wellness! You can have the most coveted clothes and products, but without a lifestyle of health and wellness to support you, you won’t feel beautiful for long.
What is one “makeup sin/health sin’ that you see women make quite often?
Too many women treat food like it’s an enemy. I want women to find the beauty in their meals, so they see their food choices as fuel for their lifelong beauty, not something to make them feel overweight or regretful. Instead of letting food find you by just grabbing what’s around, actively seek out the foods that help you look and feel your best.
What are the hottest trends in makeup/hair currently?
I love all the emphasis on lips. Lipstick can be timeless or trendy; it all depends on how you wear it. I’m impressed by all of the natural lipstick formulations out there, and the growing number of amazing shades.
Where do you get your beauty inspiration?
I find a lot of my day-to-day beauty inspiration in nature, but when I’m feeling a little more glam, I love vintage influences, from old photographs to clothes to illustrations. Looking more closely at the beauty ideals of the past is a great way to shake up your thinking about what beauty can be today.
What’s your favorite, or most exciting aspect about your job as a wellness expert?
I’m kind of addicted to newness— new products, trends, treatments, research, recipes. I love trying all of these new things and passing on the latest and greatest to my readers and clients.
Finish this sentence: A woman is most beautiful when ___________
She’s in love! Just look at any bride.
What is your advice for anyone looking to break into this industry?
It seems like there are more opportunities to work in the beauty industry than ever before, but of course there are more women and men who want these jobs! The competition is steep, so make sure you have the passion to stick with it. Work hard, learn as much as you can from mentors, and distinguish yourself. Don’t be afraid to put a fresh spin on the industry to make it your own—and get noticed.
Learn more about Jolene on her website at www.BeautyisWellness.com and find her on twitter at @jolenehart.

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