Posh Business: Tyra Banks Graduates from Harvard

tyra banks harvard business schoolYou won’t call her another dumb model. This entrepreneur has the skills to pay the bills and a Harvard degree to match. While most of the who’s who of fashion and entertainment were chatting it up during Fashion Week, Tyra Banks was working away in her dorm room studying for her MBA in Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program.

Wanting to build a brand that will out live her, the talk show host, author and former model trekked it out in school with other top-tier CEOs. According to Fashionista.com, Tyra spoke about her journey through school starting with learning about focus…

“Professors explained to me that focus is great. Being the biggest and having your foot in a bunch of things is not necessarily the best thing. So I came back and focused the message of my company. Harvard said to wait two weeks before you tell your staff, but I couldn’t wait. I said, ‘If it’s not about expanding the definition of beauty and making women feel physically and emotionally better about themselves, then we’re not doing it.’ My business before was based on me. But my marketing professor has taught me that it’s about customer centricity and not about me centricity. It’s about her. How do I affect that girl?”

We salute you Tyra for accomplishing an amazing new move in your career!

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