Posh Shoe Finds

Watching shows like Sex and the City make me feel like it is okay to have a fixation for shoes! I may not be like Carrie, seeing as though my options are a little more limited being a man, but all the same I have a love. Sometimes I just get on my laptop or head down to SoHo to window shop for shoes that I would wear. Luckily, I have Posh Beauty to be able to share my love for shoes and the treasure I find while I am out and about! Here are a couple pairs of shoes I  came across that I am in love with!

The Christian Louboutin Spacer Flat would be an ideal shoe for a night out on the town if you felt like exuding a clean, futuristic, Jetson’s meets the Boom Boom Room kind of look. I would do some sort of outfit that involved maybe black skinny jeans and a cream colored shirt with white accents and white and/or black accessories- like a pair of white studs (if you have pierced ears) and a chunky white watch or bracelet. I like the idea of playing with a monochromatic palette when it comes to wearing a lot of white. It keeps the outfit interesting. If all white is a little too intimidating, or you are going to a place where white might be more susceptible to getting dirty, you can always go with a shoe like the Gucci Diamante Ostrich Trim Sneaker. Yes! I said ostrich trim… Ironically the ostrich was my favorite animal as a child, and although I do not necessarily condone wearing a lot of rare animal skins, these shoes are not something I could pass up without mentioning at least! Look at the craftsmanship…

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