Prabal Gurung x Target Scores A Big Win For Fast Fashion

Just when we thought that whole collaboration thing had finally jumped the shark (Kellogg’s anyone?), it seems it’s safe for designers to wade back into the fast-fashion waters. The people have spoken — with their wallets — and have gobbled up nearly the entire collection of Prabal Gurung for Target in one day.

There was all sorts of industry speculation as to whether or not the high-low collaboration trend had played itself out — especially after the disappointing returns Target saw on it’s mega-pairing with CFDA and Neiman Marcus. But it seems Gurung’s latest is just the thing to revamp a formula that seemed to be wearing thin on the public. His secret?

Business Insider speculates on two reasons for this latest success: Gurung stayed true to his aesthetic of cheerful, youthful versions of the floral prints and patterns that the ladies love, and Target staying true to their super-affordable pricing scheme.

So while the frenzy over Gurung for Target didn’t exactly crash Target’s website (We’re referring to you, Missoni.), it did sell out remarkably fast.

Here are a few of the looks that you missed if you overslept on Sunday — of course you could always find them on eBay.


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