Project Accessory – What Did You Think?

Last night was like the football game for fashion lovers everywhere. After Anya was crowned the winning fashionista of “Project Runway” with an awesome┬áCaribbean┬áinspired collection that hit the runways during Fashion Week, all of us sitting on the edge of our sofas couldn’t wait for the program to turn to “Project Accessory”. And the program did not dissapoint.

What could you create out of dirty items you found in an old storage unit? Not much inspiration comes to me but for some of the contestants they made magic with runway-worthy hats, belts, rings and necklaces after a grueling challenge separated the strong from the weak, from the creative.

In “Project Accessory,” 12 designers compete for $100,000 and other prizes by crafting shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories. Actress/model Molly Sims hosts the show with designer Kenneth Cole as a judge and Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti in the traditional role of Tim Gunn.

If you watched the first episode tell us what you think? Do you think “Project Accessory” will be just as fashionably-haute and addicting as “Project Runway”?

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