Proud Plaits: Braided Celebrities

Big barrel curls and waves are great go to styles but today a few of our favorite celebrities have been rocking beautiful braids to change up their look and add style.

Solange Knowles

Singer and everyone’s favorite little sister rocks 90′s style braid extensions with a funky, African-inspired head wrap that adds a little sizzle to her look. With a fresh, natural face and light pink lipstick, her braids not only enhance her natural beauty, but give her entire look a sense of character. Solange is notorious for stepping out of the box and doing the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing.

Tell us what you think about her look: Hate it or Love It?

Kim Kardashin

Famous for being famous, Kim Kardashin rocks simple, all over cornrows for a relaxed look. It doesn’t scream glamour like most of Kim’s looks in the media but we like her looking like a normal, every-day girl. This one is new for Kim and not something we would typically expect. We are on the fence about this look for her.

What do you think? Hate it or Love It?

Which one of your favorite celebs do you adore for their show-stopping braids?

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