Quick Tips: Trendy Ways to Tie a Tie

Sometimes there are really simple ways to enhance an outfit and make it a little more interesting. One of my favorite things to do with an outfit is play with/or add a tie. Here are a few different ways of to play with your tie and actually make it look like you wanted to wear it.

Twist: Fashion forward men from Milan twist the skinny length of the tie at the knot so it runs beside the wider length instead of behind it.

Reverse: Tie the skinny length longer than the wider so that it peaks from under.

Tuck: This one is my favorite to do! Take the tie and tuck it into your short between your third and fourth buttons. This look almost has a Frank Sinatra type of feel.

My favorite way to style this outfit is with a button up (most likely a light pink), buttoned almost to the top with a preppy tie loosely tied, and a light denim jacket, paired with rolled up khakis and boat shoes or loafers. Actually any of these fun tie tricks would look good with this outfit! Try it out and let me know how it works!

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