Rachel Zoe’s New Lipstick Line – We DIE!!!

Everyone’s favorite celebrity stylist and recently new mom has added a new collection of lipsticks to her swagger. As if she could become any more fabulous Rachel Zoe has teamed up with New York-based beauty brand Exude to become their spokesmodel and ambassador.

“Of all the makeup I use, I’m most intrigued by and infatuated with lipstick,” Zoe told WWD. “I have full lips, so playing with color and texture has always been fun for me.”

The newly launching line with feature a futuristic lipstick-shaped crystal applicator and a minimalist soft touch tube containing anti-oxidant ingredients like vitamins C and E and gogi berry.

Each of the lipstick will be scented with a hint of mint, and retail only on exudelipstick.com for $29. You’ll be able to get the fun colors in a lip cream and gloss. The cream will be available in nine different shades ranging from Nude to Cranberry while the gloss welcome in five hues including Clear and Scarlet Red.

Will you be checking for the new line?

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