Rad by Rad Hourani

Fashion week has been a lot of fun, and we have been covering a lot of the shows to keep up on the trends and to bring you the latest and most relevant fashion news that we can. I have seen a lot of the shows and some have impressed me while others don’t. Occasionally there is a line that surprises me. Honestly, before this week I had no idea who Rad Hourani was, but he definitely made an impression on me and is now a notable name in fashion to me.

Hourani’s diffusion line was the center of attention at NYC fashion week lst Tuesday. He went for a monochromatic theme and a more unisex silhouette. Adding gray to black nuances, he presented tailored wool with cuts that were asymmetrical, over-sized collars on his biker jackets, and of course the signature men in pumps.

Layering was the focus and it was accentuated by straps, belts, and long sleeves on his garments. Many items were folded, knotted or tied to show the zipped wool coats and long tunics with its buttoning on the back. Another strong and stellar performance from a designer with such a truly unique aesthetic and take on womens wear as mens wear, and vice versa. We look forward to seeing the other lines in the future!

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