Rapunzel, Rapunzel: grow out your long hair

If you’ve ever suffered the tragedy that is a bad haircut, or broken off strands due to over-processing … you’re not alone. Most of us at some point have been the victim of this heinous hair crime (even if self-imposed) and growing out your once luscious locks can take F-O-R-E-V-E-R. So instead of crumbling into a puddle of tears, take heart. We’ve got some great no-cost tips for getting your length back without throwing yourself out of the tower and into a tangle of thorns — princes are so silly.

You get what you give.

Hair consists of a protein called keratin that is made up of amino acids. When you’re growing out your hair, it’s essential that you give your body the nutrients it needs to produce said amino acids — namely, lots and lots of protein. Diets rich in eggs, meats and dairy products like yogurt will help provide your locks with all the amino’s it needs.

Easy does it.

Just like your skin, your hair is not immune to abuse. Chemical treatments, daily heat styling and general man-handling can cause hair to become dry and brittle. Excessive tugging from too-tight ponytails and up do’s are the most obvious forms of abuse, but over-washing your hair is a big one too. Daily washing with hot, hot water can rinse away the natural essential oils that keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Your hair likes a good massage as much as you do.

While there are a number of factors about hair growth that seem obvious, one that’s often overlooked (and feels really good) is scalp massage. Massaging the heck out of your scalp will help stimulate hair growth. Try adding a moisturizing mask for good measure. You can DIY a good mask out of what’s likely already in your home — think mashed avocado and rosemary, olive or castor oil. Your scalp will thank you.

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