Red Bottom Rip-offs Beware: Louboutin Launches Site to Fight Counterfeiting


Nicky Hilton in Studded Christian Louboutin.
Nicky Hilton in Studded Christian Louboutin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talk about the Fashion Police, Christian Louboutin has deemed himself the mayor of the fashion world spinning up cases against Yves St. Laurent and event Jessica Simpson, both of whom have allegedly copied his signature styles.  While copyright infringement is still a daunting issue for many a designer Louboutin is fighting back with the assist of the web and   careful fashionista watchdogs. According to an article on Yahoo News "Convinced that  numerous e-commerce sites are selling knockoffs of his iconic red soles, the designer has decided to offer customers a way to hunt down counterfeit: an online platform called Stop Fake – Christian Louboutin." If you've seen sites toting "Cheap Louboutins" or special auction sites also giving discounted access to the designer brand, chances are it's a fake. Don't waste your time, your money or your energy. Can we have a toast for Christian Louboutin sticking it to the liars and cheaters please?    

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