Red Carter Swimwear Collection On Sale At Gilt.com

red carter checker board flutterImages via Gilt.com

Nothing beats high fashion on sale, and not the kind you have to fish out of a thrift store basement and blog about. Gilt.com, which was launched back in 2007, has been shamelessly exposing us non-New York/Los Angeles dwellers to virtual sample sales and designers ever since.

It’s no surprise that as the weather heats up, we’re turning our attention to Gilt to give us gloriously discounted swimwear and an ego to rock on the beach this season.

If you’re having somewhat of a dry spell in finding your perfect swimsuit, avoid the panic attack with stunning designs by Red Carter.

If you’re looking for embroidered two-pieces or an embellished onesie that makes your adoring public swoon, you’ll drool over this collection that presents whimsy sophistication and contagious charm.

Check out the looks below and get them on Gilt (on sale of course) before they sell out…

red carter nantucket

Nantucket One-Piece


red carter madras

Madras Ikat Two-Piece


red carter corn row

Corn Row One-Piece


red carter polka dot

Red Carter Polka Dot Two-Piece

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