Reviving Your Hair After A Relaxer

Your natural hair has made a comeback and being strutted down runways, in boardrooms and in the media. But making the decision to embrace your natural curls can be both an uplifting but challenging experience. Check out our tips for making the switch to sexy, natural hair without losing your lust factor.

Daily Care

In your state of transition what your tresses need most is moisture. Stick with sulfate-free shampoos and regular deep conditioning to keep your hair and scalp hydrated and super sexy.

Strategic Styling

Transition your hair with ease by styling your mane with twists, braids, roller sets, and straw sets to help you move from relaxer to natural. These can help to diminish the noticeable difference in your two hair textures and no one will be the wiser. Also, steer clear of heat styling as to not retard your natural look.

The “BC”

You don’t always have to stress out about transitioning and coming up with funky styles as your relaxer grows out. Get it over with early by doing the “Big Chop”.  Cutting off all of your relaxed hair and starting with fresh, virgin strands may be a big step but easy to dress up with great jewelry and chic attire.


Even natural hair still requires attention to detail. See your stylist for regular trims every six to eight weeks for a fresh, natural and healthy hair do!

Hair Care

What transitioning natural hair needs most is moisture. Veronique Morrison, director of education for Mizani hair products, suggests shampooing with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioning with a moisturizing product to develop a weekly routine that will enhance the moisture in both the relaxed and natural hair. “When the natural hair grows out from the scalp, it tends to be a bit stronger and tenacious than the hair that has been relaxed which will make the hair break if not properly cared for,” says Morrison. “Sulfate-free shampoos limit the exposure to sometimes harsh surfactants that can sometimes counter the benefits of moisture in the hair.”

Transitional Styling

Transitioning styles can range from twists, braids and chignons, to rod and roller sets, which can be great options to consider when moving from relaxer to natural. “These styles will diminish the noticeable lines of demarcation between the two textures,” Morrison says. She also recommends staying away from heat styling during your transitional process, as it will retard the natural look you are going for.

The Big Chop

If you just can’t wait it out through transition styling, you can always do the daring “big chop” to cut off all of the relaxed hair and start with fresh, virgin strands. Leave yourself a teeny, weeny cropped ‘do, or shave your entire head for a chic and sophisticated style you can dress up with large hoop earrings and bold lip colors until your hair grows back in its natural state.

Regular Maintenance

If you don’t do the big chop, it’s still important to visit your stylist for regular trims every six to eight weeks. Trimming off the ends gradually will eventually leave you with a fresh, natural new ‘do.

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Veronique Morrison; Hair Stylist, Director of Education for Mizani; New York, New York

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