Robert Geller Spring/Summer 2011 Men’s Collection

Photos: Courtesy of Dazed Digital

Robert Geller’s Spring/Summer collection brought together a lot of interesting twists in a men’s collection. It seems that designers are very curious about blurring the lines between men’s and women’s clothing. It has been that way since the beginning of fashion, and the phase comes and goes, but it definitely seems like we are in the midst of ┬áthe androgyny. In Geller’s collection, he created a silhouette in which the top half was feminine in appeal, with an over sized hat on each of the looks, and over sized shirts that were cut in a more traditionally feminine way, with cropped short sleeves and other similar elements. Many of the looks were adorned with giant wooden beaded necklaces in an assortment of colors, which seems to be a current trend but it is still classically reminiscent of women’s wear.

Outside of the occasional colorful necklace the colors for the collection were much darker, sticking to blacks and beige, grey and blue, which managed to create the balance of masculinity and femininity that he was going for. The shoes were by Common Project and were by al means traditional men’s shoes which made the perfect match for the collection. Overall the collection was well put together. The hodgepodge of sartorial elements were executed so well in fact, channeling a futuristic, fashionable, androgynous, Amish man- kind of look, that his hybrid gender-bending silhouette came out to be very interesting in the end.

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