Roberto Cavalli Creates a Line of Furniture

There have been a few designers that have taken their memorable design to the world of interior design like the Ralph Lauren who has managed to take his brand and aesthetic and apply it to a successful high end home brand. It looks like there is another major designer that will be following this path, Roberto Cavalli.

He began earlier this year when he designed leopard print exercise bikes, and must have like it so much that he decided to go into the furniture business. The italian designer has signed a deal with four different furniture companies to design everything from towels to wall paper, floor coverings and couches. The debut will be in the Milan Furniture Fair next year.

“The home and objects that surround us reflect the lifestyle of each of us, the fantasy, the memories of a trip, a dream of the heart and of passion…we are always looking for new inspiration in order to be surrounded by objects and a setting in which we feel comfortable.” said Cavalli.

Much of the collection will be inspired by the furniture Cavalli designed for his yacht, so if you like leopard prints, and over the top, original furniture you may want to check it out!

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