Rock & Republic Moves to Kohls

I remember a little while ¬†ago when tighter fitting jeans were making huge waves in the commercial fashion world. The movement of urban fashion went to a more form fitting, higher-end look, thanks in large part to progressive artists such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams which caused an even larger boom in tight fitting, flashy denim. Around this time a lot of denim brands started becoming a lot more popular and a lot more expensive since consumers would buy them without questioning the price. One of these brands was Rock & Republic. I never saw a lot of their clothes besides denim, but I definitely know that in a lot of circles their jeans were a coveted item ranging around $200-$300. VF Corp., the clothing maker that bought the troubled denim company out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year, signed a licensing agreement naming the suburban discount chain, Kohl’s, the sole retailer for Rock & Republic. Although this doesn’t seem to be surprising given the fluctuation of the U.S. economy over the past decade, I do however have to say that I would have never expected a brand like Rock & Republic to be held solely at a discount chain. I kind of like the idea that denim is going to get cheaper, It can be difficult to find a nice pair of jeans, that are made well, and fit well, for a decent price!

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