RODARTE DOES IT AGAIN: Collaborative Collection with Opening Ceremony

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 3:08 pm
  • February 10, 2011

All aboard!  The Mulleavy Sisters are at it again, this time joining their brand Rodarte with the illustrious Opening Ceremony for a collection rife with tapestry, flouncy pleats, lots of leather, draped dresses and Springy colors.  Grab your seats and get on the eye candy express!

Rodarte's Deep Pleat Skirt for Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony is officially stocking it’s stores and website with the goods, and while some items are still effectively pre-order only – most of the collection is up for grabs this very second! Captured to full effect by photographer Autumn de Wilde, and featuring ‘real-life’ models, Ballerina Laura Love and pro skater Alex Olson, this collaboration is as varied and lovely as one would expect from Rodarte.

The collection features a bevy of dresses, like the asymmetrical corset dress in draped chiffon and linen.

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

Rodarte Lace-Up Leather Shorts for Opening Ceremony

And lots of leather, including several pairs of soft lambskin shorts embellished with corset lace-up pleats, well-cut jackets and the Apron blazer dress that is all sorts of 80′s fabulousness.

Rodarte Apron Blazer Dress for Opening Ceremony

And did I mention tapestry? A little heavy for my taste… but think handbags, boots, an intricately cut outerwear cape and this little dress – which should have my name on it, despite the Boho-ish fabrics heaviness.

Rodarte's Bandeau Swing Tapestry Dress for Opening Ceremony

There’s simply too much to love about this collaboration, so I suggest checking it out with your own peepers right here.  We here at PoshBeauty.com hope that Rodarte never tires of collaborating on capsule collections with the bevy of designers and brands they’ve been linked with over the course of the last two years – ’cause we will never get tired of wearing them!

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